For Application Developers

    Use AnyLog to integrate your application to edge data and resources

    Using a simple API, your application interacts with distributed IoT data as if the data is unified and maintained in a single database

    No need to transfer the massive IoT data to the Cloud

    Manage and interact with edge resources as if all resources are locally available

    IoT data remains in-place and Data Owners remain in full control of their data

For Data Owners

    Use AnyLog to manage IoT data at the edge, in an automated way

    Enabling enterprises to capture, store and analyze IoT data at the edge

    Delivering real time insight and context for industrial machinery, smart cities, smart grids and the like in an automated and self managed way

    View distributed IoT data as a unified collection of data


Step 1
Deploy AnyLog

Install AnyLog on edge nodes (small devices, gateways, or the largest servers).

These nodes become members of a network that manages IoT data and IoT resources in an automated way.

Step 2
Connect Devices

Using a variety of available connectors, connect your devices to one or more nodes.

Step 3
View & Query the Data

Using a simple API, data is viewed, monitored and queried (using SQL) as if the distributed data is unified and organized in a single local database.

Using the same API, any resource can be managed and monitored.

User Testimonial

“By connecting our application to AnyLog, AIOps can focus on Edge AI and Machine Learning. Leveraging AnyLog eliminated the complexity of managing multiplicity of databases, unifying and scaling large volumes of data, and monitoring edge resources. With AnyLog, we focus on the insight we deliver to our customers and real-time monitoring of industrial machinery rather than data collection. Our application functionality and services are now extended with automated data management allowing increased value to our customers.”

– Phillip Hansel, CEO at AiOps

Value Proposition Across Every Industry

Value Example Today With AnyLog
Immediate deployment Smart-City Expensive, multi-months projects Deployment within days
Integration Connected Cars Vehicle to cloud and vehicle to infrastructure are complex projects Integrated infrastructure representing vehicle, cloud and edge data
Unified data Healthcare Connected medical devices require diversity of protocols and enormous integrations efforts Unified view of the data without a single line of code
No scaling limits, real-time, maintain ownership and security Industrial IoT Too much data, need for real time, ownership and security challenges – the cloud is not an option Data kept in-place. Users interact with the data as if the data is managed in the cloud

About AnyLog

AnyLog virtualizes edge data and resources (sensors, gateways and servers) allowing users and applications to interact, manage and monitor distributed data and resources from a single node, replacing the need to interact with hundreds, thousands and more edge nodes.

Data Management

AnyLog transforms the edge to a self-managed data lake supporting live, real-time, interactive queries. Applications and users interact with the edge data as if the data is organized in a single database.

Resource Management

All resources are managed and monitored from a single node, as if the resources are available on the node.

The Problem

  • The diversity of the data and the distribution of the data at the edge limit the functionality that can be delivered by applications running on the edge
  • The edge does not include the wealth of services (that are available at the data center or the cloud) to transform the data to meaningful insight.

The Solution

  • Delivering immediate value from IoT data at the edge without the need to transfer the huge volumes of data to the cloud.
  • Virtualizing the distributed edge data allowing users to interact with a single node that provides a unified view of the data as if the data is organized and unified in the cloud.
  • An automated and self managed platform allowing to capture and manage IoT data in real time, without scaling limits and at a fraction of the cost.