We are building a next generation decentralized IoT platform where Data Owners can capture the full value of their data.

Through a globally distributed peer-to-peer network, blockchain, incentive platform and massive parallelism, AnyLog provides a cost-effective solution to collect, store and query IoT data.


The AnyLog network provides a simple and repeatable process to manage IoT data, scales to address the largest data sets and offers an opportunity to share and monetize data in a secure and trusted way.

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Out of the Box Platform

The AnyLog network provides a simple and repeatable process to manage IoT data, scales to address the largest data sets and offers an opportunity to share and monetize data in a secure and trusted way.

Reduce Data Management Costs

Data owners can leave their data in place, at the edge of the network, significantly reducing the volumes of data transferred to the cloud. Keeping the data at the edge and automating the management of the data significantly reduce the costs of managing IoT data.

Completely Private

AnyLog encrypts and distributes the IoT data across a decentralized network. Data Owners control the private encryption keys and maintain ownership over their data. No third-party can access or control the data.

Highly Available

Data Owners choose a trusted service provider or decide to distribute and store copies of the data on nodes across the globe, eliminating any single point of failure and ensuring uptime.

Marketplace for Data

AnyLog provides a decentralized marketplace for data. Data Owners control their data and the access to their data. When Data Owners provide access to their data, they receive financial reward every time their data participates in a query result. This reward accomplishes two important goals:

  • It motivates Data Owners to contribute their data to the platform
  • It motivates Data Owners to make their data available to third parties
Marketplace for Services

AnyLog creates a decentralized marketplace in which Service Providers of CPU and Storage compete to service the data. This approach leads to the lowest possible prices. Service Providers monetize their compute resources and are rewarded with AnyLog tokens.

Open Source

The AnyLog Software is Open Source

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AnyLog is reinventing how IoT data is managed

Our technology connects IoT Data Owners with Service Provides worldwide allowing Data Owners to manage their data in real time without the need to build and maintain expensive databases and software platforms. Today, to extract value from the IoT data, companies need to build and manage complex databases. For large data sets, these are long, tedious and expensive projects. AnyLog offers a platform that automates the treatment of the data where Data Owners only need to send their data to the network and the network offers a SQL interface to query the data. This approach results in immediate cost savings and fast go to market. As the network offers a unified, SQL based interface to IoT data, data can be offered to third parties to use. A data owner has complete control over the data but may grant access to third parties in exchange for token rewards.

For Service Providers, AnyLog offers an opportunity to service the IoT data

As the storage and processing is done using the AnyLog software, a Service Provider does not need to invest in software infrastructure. Any data warehouse or companies with idle resources are highly motivated to participate in the network. This approach creates a marketplace for services with Service Providers competing to service the data, making the network a marketplace for storage and CPU. Bidding to service the data is free, allowing data warehouses to monetize their resources without marketing costs.


Keep IoT Data in Place
Extract Real-Time Insight from IoT Data
At the Edge of the Network

AnyLog brings the IoT data to users and applications from their edge nodes, dynamically, when data is needed. Data can be hosted at the Edge using the AnyLog Software or hosted by 3rd parties platforms. When data is requested, AnyLog identifies where the relevant data resides and integrates the data from the different sources to a unified reply. AnyLog allows users and applications to extract immediate value from their data, in real-time, in a secure way and at a fraction of their current costs.

The outcome:
• IoT data is moved from being in silos to be available globally through industry APIs
• Substantially reduce the volume of IoT data transferred and managed in the cloud
• Companies manage their data on their own servers or with 3rd party compute resources
• Any company can provide resources to the network and monetize their compute resources
• Managing IoT data is at a fraction of the current costs

Project Team

Moshe Shadmon
Founder, CEO

Moshe has been a CEO and CTO of several data management companies including previously founding ScaleDB and other database related companies.

Martin Otterson
VP Business Development

Martin is the VP of Business Development in AnyLog. He brings years of experience in Global Sales, Marketing and Business Development, Customer Success and International Leadership. Prior to AnyLog, Martin was the SR. VP Global Sales, Marketing , & Industry for OSIsoft.

Levy Cohen
Co - Founder

Levy is an avid entrepreneur with extensive experience in business and technology. A founder of successful public and private companies.

Prof. Daniel Abadi
Data Architect

Daniel is a University of Maryland researcher focusing on distributed and scalable database systems architecture. Known for the C-Store prototype (commercialized by Vertica) and HadoopDB research on fault tolerant scalable analytical database systems (commercialized by Hadapt and acquired by Teradata).

Owen Arden (PhD)
Security Architect

Owen is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at UC Santa Cruz and received his Ph.D. from Cornell University. His research focuses on language-based approaches to decentralized security and distributed systems and has appeared in top security and database venues, including Oakland, CCS, CSF, VLDB, and CIDR.

Faisal Nawab (PhD)
IoT Architect

Faisal is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at UC Santa Cruz. His research lies at the intersection of data management and distributed systems to support emerging applications in the domains of autonomous, mobile applications and the Internet of Things.

Prof. Matthew Jackson
Token and Marketplace Architect

Matthew is the William D. Eberle Professor of Economics at Stanford University and an external faculty member of the Santa Fe Institute and a senior fellow of CIFAR. Matthew’s research interests include game theory, microeconomic theory, and the study of social and economic networks, on which he has published many articles and the book “Social and Economic Networks”.

Project Advisers

Yonatan Sompolinsky
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Yonatan is a PhD student at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and founding scientist of Daglabs.

Kapil Chhabra
IoT Data

Kapil is a senior product manager at Amazon Web Services with focus on real-time machine learning on high-volume and high-velocity data. He is also responsible for the streaming data ingestion business at AWS.

Mahnush Movahedi (PhD)
Blockchain Architect

Mahnush is a postdoc blockchain researcher at Yale and interested in scalable and fault-tolerant distributed algorithms for multi-party computation, secret sharing, and interactive communication over noisy channels.

Steve Fischer

Steve specializes in business development, strategic marketing, channel strategy and go-to-market planning with a background in startup and fortune 100 companies.

AnyLog will present the AnyLog IoT Platform at these events:


January 12-15

Conference on Innovative Data Systems Research, Amsterdam

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November 6-9

InnoSTARS 2019 Competition

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April 30

F50 Global Capital Summit 2019 - Seeding the Future #F50Summit

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January 12

BlockTrain & Draper Dragon Present: Global Finblock Forum

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October 29-30

IoT Blockchain Summit

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October 10-11

Block-Con, Santa Monica

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October 3-4

Ascent Conference

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September 25-26

Global Blockchain Conference, Boston

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