The leader in edge orchestration, delivers visibility, control and security for the distributed edge, with the freedom of deploying and managing any app on any hardware at scale and connecting to any cloud or on-premises systems.


We are a platform independent bolt on solution for training, validating and deploying next generation AI Control Systems. We are delivering enterprise AI to the edge.

OSIsoft - PI System | Operational Intelligence – Data Infrastructure

OSIsoft is a global provider of infrastructure software to the IoT industry.


Looker is using business intelligence to make data accessible to organizations and data analysts.


Xompass is a security AI partner


Transpara is a provider of a visual KPI to the IoT industry.


DERNETsoft is a platform to manage energy usage


Ziotis is a technology company that leverages its Zen product suite to accelerate the speed of business through cross-domain hyperautomation.

Rivetz - Simpler & Safer Digital Life

Rivetz – Providing secure data transfer between devices to the AnyLog Network.


Democratizing Access to Global Healthcare Data

Data Mediation Center

Data Storage Provider

2020 Block.one grant supporting projects using EOSIO as a protocol

“The BlockAwards spotlight the technologies that enable the decentralization, and we believe AnyLog Network is a leader in their industry for enabling the next generation of decentralization. Blockchain is about more than just tokens, it’s about enabling new solutions that change how industries work. We’re excited that AnyLog can be a part of the technology shift!”,

“Geoff Domoracki, Founder of DevNetwork, producer of BlockWorld & the 2018 BlockAwards.”

2019 Business Headline Award recognizing AnyLog as one of ten disruptive and transformative IoT solutions.